International SEO Assumptions



Now a lot marketers merely focus on domestic SEO to get as much awareness as possible. However, for a lot business, it is important to get into International SEO, such as lingual online education and enterprise International program.

International SEO Gone  Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program” is an article talking about seven wrong assumptions digital marketers might have when running International SEO.

In the article, David Cato, the author, discussed about how Internet marketers make wrong assumptions of  in-contry training, resource in individual country, language usage, country-by-country optimization, link building, and keywords finding.

Should we only invest in-country training? No. We need to allow teams and departments in different countries to communicate with each other and learn from each other.

How do we regard of language selections when it comes to International online market? The article asked four questions in order to answer this question. “What product are you selling? Who is more likely to buy it? How much do you have to invest? Is the official language of a country its dominant language in search?” The selling products decide target market. The investment decides product awareness. The official language doesn’t necessary need to be the only targeted language because ” There could be very large and under-served expat populations or people born in the country who still speak their ethnic language.” And it is important to realize the under-served population.

Should we simply apply the same domestic strategy to all other countries? No. “Different regions and cultures search dramatically differently.” It is important to understand specific country’s customer behavior and start working from that. For example, if we are doing SEO in China, we need to consider a big population of iPhone users. We want to make sure that we build a mobile friendly website. More importantly, it will be really beneficial if we can build an iPhone application to help promote the brand. But if we are doing SEO in Thailand, we cannot use the same strategy  to take a big percentage of mobile market.

International SEO can be tricky sometimes based on the government. It is important to understand its culture and online users’ behavior before making online marketing plans.



4 thoughts on “International SEO Assumptions

  1. When a consumer is searching for things on Google ads will only show to the language and country that the ad is set. That is often under thought when it comes down to PPC. I know that this article was in regards to SEO but I think that marketing and SEO in terms of international SEO are very different and need to be tackled differently. International SEO is definitely much harder. It is true that a lot of people focus on home country SEO because of its relative nature but if you are trying to target internationally, as a company, I think it is in the best interest of the company to hire an international business person.

  2. Indeed, I agree with your point.
    As you said, “if you are trying to target internationally, as a company, I think it is in the best interest of the company to hire an international business person.” International business person can help with language function and culture understanding. It is important to relate online marketing with geographical/regional factors.
    If you take a close look of the picture I posted above the text, it shows different popular search engine in the specific country. Do we only need to invest Google? No. It depends on where we target.

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