Tactics to be an SEO Audit of Your Website


As we all know it is important to set search engine optimization(SEO) for the website to get traffic. What are tactics to be an SEO audit for your website? How can we get the most traffic possible for the website?

In “How to Do an SEO Audit of Your Site” Aj Kumar discussed about 5 tactics to drag traffic up:
1. Check on-page tag optimization
2. Check for broken links or dead pages
3. Make sure your site can be indexed by the search engines
4. Examine your link profile and compare it to competitors
5. Test your site’s speed

Kumar made a really good summary about how to Internet exposure by optimizing the website for search. All those five points (above) can make a significant affect to get traffic from the search engines, including from potential customers.

What’s the on-page tag optimization? It means to make/optimize those on-site changes, including total tags (if it is relevant to SEO keywords), meta description tags (if it provides interesting content to appeal to audiences), and internal links (if it facilitates readers move throughout the site). Of course, you need always make sure that you include high-quality and original content in posts.

How does broken links or dead pages effect your site’s SEO performance? Usually, for those pages you deleted already it would lead to “dead”/”broken” pages. The more dead/broken pages your site have, the lower the rate of returning visitors will be. Kumar suggested to use Brokenlinkcheck.com to identify any issues on the site that need to be resolved.

Being indexed by the search engines can help the site get accessed by search engine robots easier and more effectively. For example, if you are doing e-commerce, make sure you set the right and organized categories to get indexed correctly by the search engine reboots.

What’s the purpose behind examine your link profile? Always remember that the number and quality of links leading to your site affects the SEO performance of your site. In the article, Kumar recommended to use Majestic SEO (http://www.opensiteexplorer.org), a link explorer, or SEOMoz Open Site Explore (http://www.opensiteexplorer.org) to check all sites link to your site, and then analyze if those sites are reputable, or relevant to your site.

Why do we need to test the speed of site? Visitors get frustrated easily if the site runs slowly. Kumar mentioned Google’s Page Insights tool(https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights), which we can use to analyze the loading time of the site and get some suggestions about make changes improving its SEO performance.

Try those steps and tell me if you get your traffic increases. Happy Easter.


Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226197


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