10 Steps to Content Marketing Success


According to Wikipedia, Content Marketing is any marketing format that invloves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. As a social media marketer, do you know how to actually create, internally sell and implement a successful strategy for Content Matketing?

Recently socialmedia.com posted a new infographic about 10 steps to content marketing success.

  • 1. Aim: set your goals and objective.
  • 2. Understand: understand who you are talking to and what their pain points, channels of consumption, and areas of interest are.
  • 3. Decide: decided the right strategy for the content marketing, decide the key propostion and differentiator.
  • 4. Review: review if the existing content matches customers’ needs and address pain points along the buyer journey.
  • 5. Plan: look at the gaps in your content and develop an editorial calendar to help you prioritise focuses.
  • 6. Communicate: senior buy-in and alignment is key in the success of your content initiative.
  • 7. Produce: content should always give valus to the reader.
  • 8. Amplify: once your content is created you now need to amplity your story.
  • 9. Measure: reporting performance is vital.
  • 10. Learn: In analysing past activity and performance, decisions can be enhanced based upon better insight and understanding of your audience.

Many companies start their content marketing without a clear direction or objective. It is important to take those 10 steps (above) improving the content marketing and make it effective.


Source: http://socialmediatoday.com/1394916/10-steps-content-marketing-success-infographic


Do You Know Graph Search


There are two ways to connect people in Facebook, staying connected and making new connections. What are different means to help people keep connceted and increace connections? There are mainly three ways: News Feed, Timeline, and Graph Search. If we say News Feed is for knowing what is going on in the world around you, Timeline is to learn about people’s past and present. Graph Search, which is only three months old, is a new search tool showing private information.

How does Graph Search work? How will it effect users to use Facebook?

Paul Boutin wrote an article, Search Tool on Facebook Puts Network to Work, discussed about how people can use Graph Search. In the article. he pointed out that insteding of stand-alone search keywords, Graph search allows user to concoct short phrases, such as “books my friends like”, “movies David like”, and “resturant in New York City.” He also explained that Facebook is limiting the numebr of users turning on Graph Search and placing the rest on a wait list. However, as long as you get permission to test Graph Search, you can go to facebook.com/about/graphsearch to start your first “crippy” search. One thing that disapponted me is Graph Search is not mobile friendly, which isn’t compatible with Facebook app.

Accroding the article, we can use Graph Search to:

  • Find a book
  • Find a restaurant
  • Find a job
  • Find an old friend

One thing I am excited about Seach Graph particully is to find pictures. For example, I can type “pictures of me and XXX” to find all those pictures which have both me and XXX tagged.

Surely Graph Search can make everything easier on Facebook, like networking, people connection. The problem behind it is the privacy. A lot people concern about their privacy afte Graph Search came out. However, Facebook allows people to turn off those picture features and set his/her own information privacy.



Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/21/technology/personaltech/facebooks-graph-search-makes-use-of-friends-and-likes.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Tricks to Have Clients Open Your Email

Email campaign is always an important component of an Internet marketing plan. A lot email marketers complain that they couldn’t get their customers open the email and check out the site. So, what are tricks to have clients open your email and click the link?

Recently DJ Waldow wrote an post of “4 Ways to Get Customers to Open Your Emails” on entrepreneur.com. He offered 4 tips for crafting successful marketing emails:
1. Solve a problem.
2. Save them money.
3. Make them smarter.
4. Entertain them.

As a email marketer, you need to always keep it in mind that “customer” is the top priority of the email content. When customers feel the relationship between them and the email, they are more willing to open it and click links.

What does it mean by solving a problem in an email? Basically, it means to set expectation up from and have subscribers know that email newsletter would help solve problems customers have. For example, I received an email about “Fall in Love With Fresh April Styles” from StyleMint, a fashion shopping site, which gives a lot suggestions about April fashionable outfits. One example DJ used was Quibb, a professional news site having readers share their reading experience.
How to save customers money by having them open the email? Everyone loves to save money. This tactics include using coupon, discounts, and VIP shopping invitation. It works like daily deal emails by offering subscribers the opportunity to save money. For example, Banana Republic sends out coupons frequently to make sure customers keep shopping with them.

What can an email marketer do to make clients smarter and entertained? This strategy works good with blogs and other wording sites, like forum. One example Waldow used in the article is Chris Brogan’s weekly Sunday email, which he shares smart words with others.

Try those tricks and see if it improves your email campaign.


Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226221

The Hug, The Night

by Luna Min Cheng


She gives me a hug, and cries.

The snow is cold, but the tear burns my face.

I stand there doing nothing but feeling this belated hug.


I have been waiting, waiting for it since the day I was born.

I have been expecting, expecting it since the moment I opened my eyes.

I have been imagining, imagining it since the first time I saw other kids hugged by their parents.


The wind is so sharp, like a knife.

The night is so dark, like a black hole.

Under the dim yellow road lamp, I see her.

Two feet taller than me, big brown eyes, and pink cheeks.

“Welcome back, little sister,” She says with a smile.

I should hate her, my mind tells me.

Her smile is fake, I assume.


It has been eight years that I did not get to see them.

It has been eight years that I was not close to them.

It has been eight years that I could not even speak to them.

Eight years, I signed.


Year 1990 in China.

One child policy, I was the second child in this family.

Patriarchal society, my gender sinks me in the first place.

Yelling, crying, and begging.

“She cannot stay here!” the door slammed.

Crying. Screaming. Tears did not help with my situation at all.

No one came, no one cared.

That night, I slept with darkness.


I shall hate the world, I said to myself.


It was a quiet early morning,

I got relocated to a basket.

Chill wind, steps, and shaking.

“Here is your payment.”

The blanket was open.

Wrinkles, half closed eyes, yellow teeth, gray hair flying in the air.

At the second, I did not know that this old woman was going to spend eight years with me.


“I should cry.” My mind tells me.

The wind freezes my body.

The tear burns my face.

I stand there doing nothing but feeling this belated night.