Tricks to Have Clients Open Your Email

Email campaign is always an important component of an Internet marketing plan. A lot email marketers complain that they couldn’t get their customers open the email and check out the site. So, what are tricks to have clients open your email and click the link?

Recently DJ Waldow wrote an post of “4 Ways to Get Customers to Open Your Emails” on He offered 4 tips for crafting successful marketing emails:
1. Solve a problem.
2. Save them money.
3. Make them smarter.
4. Entertain them.

As a email marketer, you need to always keep it in mind that “customer” is the top priority of the email content. When customers feel the relationship between them and the email, they are more willing to open it and click links.

What does it mean by solving a problem in an email? Basically, it means to set expectation up from and have subscribers know that email newsletter would help solve problems customers have. For example, I received an email about “Fall in Love With Fresh April Styles” from StyleMint, a fashion shopping site, which gives a lot suggestions about April fashionable outfits. One example DJ used was Quibb, a professional news site having readers share their reading experience.
How to save customers money by having them open the email? Everyone loves to save money. This tactics include using coupon, discounts, and VIP shopping invitation. It works like daily deal emails by offering subscribers the opportunity to save money. For example, Banana Republic sends out coupons frequently to make sure customers keep shopping with them.

What can an email marketer do to make clients smarter and entertained? This strategy works good with blogs and other wording sites, like forum. One example Waldow used in the article is Chris Brogan’s weekly Sunday email, which he shares smart words with others.

Try those tricks and see if it improves your email campaign.




2 thoughts on “Tricks to Have Clients Open Your Email

  1. I wonder how often should the company sends out coupons to ensure customers keep shopping with them? As for myself, I have received Kohl’s discounts, coupons, etc everyday. It annoys me because I am not going to shop there everyday. I think it’s right thing to do is to email me twice or three times a week. What do you think?

  2. I have received Banana Republic coupons everyday. I think usually the company try to send out daily coupons/discount information to customers to keep in a regular base. The problem of this strategy is that it could make customers annoyed after a certain period. And customers might move company’s emails to spam. I think ideally the company should send out weekly summarized coupon list so that customers know what they need and if they want to go shopping for the week. I agree with what you said as well. Two or three times a week sounds pretty good.

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