Do You Know Graph Search


There are two ways to connect people in Facebook, staying connected and making new connections. What are different means to help people keep connceted and increace connections? There are mainly three ways: News Feed, Timeline, and Graph Search. If we say News Feed is for knowing what is going on in the world around you, Timeline is to learn about people’s past and present. Graph Search, which is only three months old, is a new search tool showing private information.

How does Graph Search work? How will it effect users to use Facebook?

Paul Boutin wrote an article, Search Tool on Facebook Puts Network to Work, discussed about how people can use Graph Search. In the article. he pointed out that insteding of stand-alone search keywords, Graph search allows user to concoct short phrases, such as “books my friends like”, “movies David like”, and “resturant in New York City.” He also explained that Facebook is limiting the numebr of users turning on Graph Search and placing the rest on a wait list. However, as long as you get permission to test Graph Search, you can go to to start your first “crippy” search. One thing that disapponted me is Graph Search is not mobile friendly, which isn’t compatible with Facebook app.

Accroding the article, we can use Graph Search to:

  • Find a book
  • Find a restaurant
  • Find a job
  • Find an old friend

One thing I am excited about Seach Graph particully is to find pictures. For example, I can type “pictures of me and XXX” to find all those pictures which have both me and XXX tagged.

Surely Graph Search can make everything easier on Facebook, like networking, people connection. The problem behind it is the privacy. A lot people concern about their privacy afte Graph Search came out. However, Facebook allows people to turn off those picture features and set his/her own information privacy.





4 thoughts on “Do You Know Graph Search

  1. Graph Search sounds like an interesting concept; I like how it allows the users to connect short phrases instead of just one or two words. Have you tried it yet?

  2. Nice article, but a bit concerning on privacy issues. I probably will be those few people who do not want to be found on the graph search. I will definitely be checking out my privacy features to turn off the picture features.

  3. I totally understand your concern. That’s why the last section of the article is about how to keep your information safe. =)

  4. Yes. I was in a waiting list for two weeks. And now I can use it. It is awesome. It makes everything so much easier when I look for some information. For example, my friend’s birthday is coming. I used Graph Search to find our common photos to make an album for her.

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