10 Steps to Content Marketing Success


According to Wikipedia, Content Marketing is any marketing format that invloves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. As a social media marketer, do you know how to actually create, internally sell and implement a successful strategy for Content Matketing?

Recently socialmedia.com posted a new infographic about 10 steps to content marketing success.

  • 1. Aim: set your goals and objective.
  • 2. Understand: understand who you are talking to and what their pain points, channels of consumption, and areas of interest are.
  • 3. Decide: decided the right strategy for the content marketing, decide the key propostion and differentiator.
  • 4. Review: review if the existing content matches customers’ needs and address pain points along the buyer journey.
  • 5. Plan: look at the gaps in your content and develop an editorial calendar to help you prioritise focuses.
  • 6. Communicate: senior buy-in and alignment is key in the success of your content initiative.
  • 7. Produce: content should always give valus to the reader.
  • 8. Amplify: once your content is created you now need to amplity your story.
  • 9. Measure: reporting performance is vital.
  • 10. Learn: In analysing past activity and performance, decisions can be enhanced based upon better insight and understanding of your audience.

Many companies start their content marketing without a clear direction or objective. It is important to take those 10 steps (above) improving the content marketing and make it effective.


Source: http://socialmediatoday.com/1394916/10-steps-content-marketing-success-infographic