Content Marketing for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day in 2013 is on Sunday, the 12th of May, which is only one week away. It is one of the largest holiday for businesses to promote themselves. The question here is how marketers can take advantages of Mother’s Day making businesses and branding themselves?

What are different advertising strategies social media marketers can use to create content marketing for Mother’s Day?

What are social media channels we can use to promote our businesses for Mother’s Day?

In the article “Relevant Content Marketing for Mother;s Day”, the editor discussed about how to use Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter to create creating content marketing for Mother’s Day.

For Mother’s Day, Facebook marketers can post relevant photos on Facebook Page to get more “likes” than the average post, attract more comments and shares. One more thing you can do to boost the awareness is to do fill-in-blank posts to get audiences engaged.

Great Google posts for Mother’s Day can be an interesting image, the  link to interesting and relevant content, promotion, and video. It is important to double check links to make sure they work functionally.

The article 70% of Pinterest accounts use it for holiday shopping, such as gift ideas, a wishlist to share, photos of gifts to share, research on gifts for others. obviously, for Mother’s Day we can posts photos of celebration ideas, general/special gift ideas. Meanwhile, we can post unique photos of great moms’ stories to have others repin them.

In less than 140 characters limitation, we need to grab audiences attention on Twitter. What we can do for Mother’s Day on Twitter is to post links of relevant articles. Using hashtag is a key, such as #mothersday, #saylovetomom, and #momiloveyou.