Content Marketing for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day in 2013 is on Sunday, the 12th of May, which is only one week away. It is one of the largest holiday for businesses to promote themselves. The question here is how marketers can take advantages of Mother’s Day making businesses and branding themselves?

What are different advertising strategies social media marketers can use to create content marketing for Mother’s Day?

What are social media channels we can use to promote our businesses for Mother’s Day?

In the article “Relevant Content Marketing for Mother;s Day”, the editor discussed about how to use Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter to create creating content marketing for Mother’s Day.

For Mother’s Day, Facebook marketers can post relevant photos on Facebook Page to get more “likes” than the average post, attract more comments and shares. One more thing you can do to boost the awareness is to do fill-in-blank posts to get audiences engaged.

Great Google posts for Mother’s Day can be an interesting image, the  link to interesting and relevant content, promotion, and video. It is important to double check links to make sure they work functionally.

The article 70% of Pinterest accounts use it for holiday shopping, such as gift ideas, a wishlist to share, photos of gifts to share, research on gifts for others. obviously, for Mother’s Day we can posts photos of celebration ideas, general/special gift ideas. Meanwhile, we can post unique photos of great moms’ stories to have others repin them.

In less than 140 characters limitation, we need to grab audiences attention on Twitter. What we can do for Mother’s Day on Twitter is to post links of relevant articles. Using hashtag is a key, such as #mothersday, #saylovetomom, and #momiloveyou.



10 Steps to Content Marketing Success


According to Wikipedia, Content Marketing is any marketing format that invloves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. As a social media marketer, do you know how to actually create, internally sell and implement a successful strategy for Content Matketing?

Recently posted a new infographic about 10 steps to content marketing success.

  • 1. Aim: set your goals and objective.
  • 2. Understand: understand who you are talking to and what their pain points, channels of consumption, and areas of interest are.
  • 3. Decide: decided the right strategy for the content marketing, decide the key propostion and differentiator.
  • 4. Review: review if the existing content matches customers’ needs and address pain points along the buyer journey.
  • 5. Plan: look at the gaps in your content and develop an editorial calendar to help you prioritise focuses.
  • 6. Communicate: senior buy-in and alignment is key in the success of your content initiative.
  • 7. Produce: content should always give valus to the reader.
  • 8. Amplify: once your content is created you now need to amplity your story.
  • 9. Measure: reporting performance is vital.
  • 10. Learn: In analysing past activity and performance, decisions can be enhanced based upon better insight and understanding of your audience.

Many companies start their content marketing without a clear direction or objective. It is important to take those 10 steps (above) improving the content marketing and make it effective.



Make A Brand Memorable on in Social Media


Nowadays more and more people realize the importance of social media marketing, especially when there are 425 million Gmail users, 48.7 million Pinterest users, 500 million Twitter users, 1.06 billion monthly active Facebook users in the Internet world (Craig Smith).

As a marketer, how can you get your brand outstanding in social media market without spending tons? What’s the best strategy to make your brand unforgettable on social media?

Lindsay Lavine, the author of the “3 Ways to Make Your Brand Memorable on Social Media“, summarized three ways to create social media buzz without throwing in a huge investment:

  • 1. Do something people will remember.
  • 2. Engage with your followers/fans.
  • 3. Tap into the cultural zeitgeist.

What are things that a brand can do on social media to have people remember? Always remember that tiny things make a big difference on social media. For example, a company can share its most memorable moments on social media and have its fans to “like” them or “retwitte” them. Sharing helps build a reliable relationship between the brand and its followers. Here I will also strongly recommend to have followers share their moments, which are related to the brand, with other people on social media.

How to engage with a brand’s followers/fans? The best way to do it is “live chat.” Based on my personal experience, online live chat helps me resolve my questions easily and fast. Another way to engage with fans is “subscription.” By doing it, the company can make sure followers get the updated information of the brand. Of course, it is important for a company to promote itself through multiple channels, like blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, and its mobile application. Email campaign can be really effective to engage with fans as well.

What does it mean by tapping into the cultural zeitgeist? Lavine wrote, “When it comes to marketing, think outside the box. Look at what’s popular in social media, and see if you can tweak it to make it your own.” Basically, it means that a brand needs always to catch up with growing social media marketing. Did you use all different social media channel to promote your brand? Do you know if there’s any growing social media? Did you start catching up with the fast paced social media marketing? For instance, do you have all Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkdin, Pinterest, Youtube, and RSS icons on your website? Did you promote them appropriately? Do you keep updating content on each social media?