More Ways to Get and Request Other Sites to Link to Yours

One of the most difficult questions in social media campaign is, how to get other sites to link mine?

Some general ways we know to get other sites link to our site are:
1. simply ask webmater for a link
2. offer the other webmaster a freebie in exchnage for a link
3. write articles about a topic in your field of expertise
4. product and disibute free ebooks about otpicn our field of experise
5. excnage links with other web sites that compliment with yours

The questions here is how to request others to link to your site?

In the book Ultimate Guide to Link Building, Eric Ward and Garrett French show how to craft an email that will get more people to respond to your link requests.

Here are 10 main elements your link requests should contain:
1. A subject line that follows any stated directions given on the site you want to link to yours.
2. The site owner’s name
3. Your name
4. The URL of the site
5. The exact URL on their site where you think the link is a fit
6. A short paragraph that describes your site
7. A valid email address and response to any requests made to that address
8. Your phone number
9. confirmation that you’ve added a link to their site
10. The URL on your site where they can see the link to their site

Link building takes a lot time and effort.  It is necessary  for markers to research proper sites and send out requests.